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KY Helping Hands is a comprehensive, transition, sober living community dedicated to helping you begin your new drug-free life and reenter society as a contributing citizen. Where you once felt powerless, we will empower you to take control of your circumstances and change your mindset for good. Our trained addiction and mental health professionals will guide you on a 3, 6, 9, or 12-month program of self-discovery and challenge you to be better every day.

OUR GOAL is to remove barriers and provide compassion, hope and the opportunity to recover and build new lives.

We offer intensive outpatient therapy (IOP) and peer support for all enrolled in KY Helping Hands, as well as daily activities to keep your mind and body productively engaged. Through our partnerships, we offer personal development software accessible 24/7 for task management and guided meditations, and access to our local non-profit network for added support in every aspect of life. Most crucially, we assist you in seeking and gaining new employment, ensuring you can transition safely back to everyday life.

Most of those we assist don’t know where to find the treatment they need and cannot pay for some or all of it when they do. They are unable to find their way out of a downward spiral on their own. We're here to lend a helping hand. We're building a network of partners and resources in Kentucky to ensure that no matter what someone comes to us for, we have a service to provide or an organization to refer.

And best of all? Where most transition housing requires immediate payment, closing off opportunities to many in need, KY Helping Hands requires NO deposit. So why wait? The future depends on what you do today. Give us a call for an assessment to get started!


Every life matters. A truth as simple as it is powerful. Every person we cross paths with has a story. Family. Hopes. Dreams. Responsibilities. Struggles. Demons. Needs. Every soul we meet has purpose and potential, inescapably connected to our own. We know this, deep down in our core, yet in our daily lives, it can be difficult to remember in practice. After all, we each have our own hectic, exciting, purposeful lives to tend to.

But as busy and distracting as modern life can be, we cannot abandon our shared humanity, or our duty to help one another along the way. It’s our birthright. It’s in our blood. It’s the pang of sorrow we feel when we see someone in pain or in need of assistance.

Often, we feel helpless to help others. With so many problems in the world, where do even you start? But just as every life matters, so does every act of kindness. You can make a difference. You can give hope. You can change a life. And KY Helping Hands is here to help you do just that.

Every day, people come into clinics earnestly looking for help to recover from addictions, mental illness, and disorders. They often are unemployed, homeless, impoverished, or have no health insurance. So, they are unable to pay for some or all of their treatments or medications. Where do they turn?

To KY Helping Hands, but only with your help.

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It can affect anyone: your family, your friends, your coworkers, your neighbors, even you. And once it takes hold, it is difficult to break from its grasp alone. We were founded to assure those afflicted never have to face it alone. Our foundation opens the door to those in need and offers a better path. Wouldn’t it be great to help someone change their life, reunite families, and free others from states of mind that hold them back from achieving success? Now you can.

We provide transition housing and comprehensive services to qualified individuals by distributing your donations to those in need. We offer support, guidance and financial assistance for treatment and counseling to help them find a new life. Most of those we assist don’t know where to find the treatment they need, and are unable to pay for some or all of the treatment. They are unable to find their way out of a downward spiral on their own. We're here to lend a helping hand.

One person’s personal recovery positively affects the lives of many others, including their friends and family. Together, our combined efforts can make a huge difference. Not only on those who are struggling, not only on their families that hope each day for a change, but on the fabric of the very community in which we live. People that once were impoverished, suffering from mental illness, addictions and disorders can now be valuable members of our society, each contributing in their own way.

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